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Our location is:

The Terminal Sales Building

1220 SW Morrison
Suite 220
Portland, OR  97205

Tel: 503.213.3745

(The suite will change in October, but the building won't.)

New Patients

The clinic accepts and bills most insurance panels for you.  If you'd like to see if your insurance is covered, call or email for confirmation!

postheadericon Moving

...and just like that, we've moved!

Thanks to all the folks who came and donated their labor.

We are happily settling in to our temporary location in Suite 220, (take a right off the elevator and keep walking, you'll find us!)

Come see us at the The Terminal Sales Building, at 1220 SW Morrison.


  • Five new treatment rooms
  • Easier access from the Interstates
  • Easier parking
  • Better neighborhood
  • All one floor
  • More patient openings
  • ...and the views...

Great! Where exactly?

The Terminal Sales Building, at 1220 SW Morrison.  We'll temporarily be in Suite 220, while the amazing property management folks at American Property Management renovate our future home upstairs.  For that, we're very grateful.  They've been outstanding to work with.

How?  All thanks go to Nikki Diamond at Real Estate Investment Group, who's been our lead and go to for the whole project.  Her diligence, timeliness, and willingness to work above and beyond are the primary reasons we're getting this done so well.  Without her, this never would have happened.

So what can I do to help?

Be ready for an open house!  We'll pop open the windows, invite everyone we know, and create some amazing energy in this space.  Schedule an appointment, come a little early, and get to know the neighborhood.  On that note...

We'll be expanding.

What services do you think we should add?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and requests.

What about Peanut?

He's coming too!  The building is dog friendly and he's happy to meet the new dogs he'll get to share the building with.

The views:


Looking North

Looking Northwest

West Hills

Looking to the North

Views to the Northwest

West Hills from Dr. White's office

Like all stories, there's a much longer version with all kinds of details, and "You've got to be kidding me" points in it.  This one is no exception, but, I'm letting go and moving on up with joy and excitement.  If you want to know more, make an appointment and come see me!